Upgraded Status from English Heritage

Dalton Mills has been recognised, by English Heritage, as being amongst the top eight per cent of nationally significant buildings, and we have had our listing upgraded to Grade II*.

The Grade II* listing is only awarded to a select few in the UK, those that are deemed by English Heritage to be ‘particularly important buildings of more than special interest.

The change in listing means that we will face stricter controls about preserving the building. However, it could also allow greater access to funding as English Heritage only usually awards grants to Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings.

Dalton Mills is only the eighth building in Keighley to obtain either a Grade I or Grade II* listing.  Our upgraded status,  will give us the same recognition as Salts Mill in Saltaire and Bradford's Manningham Mills which are both Grade II* listed.

We are delighted that the architectural significance of Dalton Mills is being recognised - in the log-term the new listing should help to preserve its heritage.

Posted on 29/11/2013 by dalton mills