First photo of renovated front

retail and leisure spaceWe were recently sent this spectacular photo of the front of the Genappe Mill, all renovated and without scaffolding at last! It was taken by local photographer Kathy Tristram-Oldfield, and it looks so good that it was featured in the Keighley News as part of this piece.


As you can see from the story, our regeneration is going brilliantly, and the work on the exterior of the Genappe Mill is almost complete. We still need to repair the water tower, but its condition and potential historic significance makes this a delicate part of the process, and we are consulting with English Heritage and local council planning officials to ensure we get it right.


In the meantime, we've turned our attention to the interior of the Genappe Mill and we are working on securing the roofs of the lower spinning sheds and getting power into these units, as well as cleaning down ceilings, walls and wood flooring. Once the interior is renovated, we'll be ready to welcome our first tenants into the Genappe Mill, which will be great news for us and the town as a whole.


The photo really shows off the difference in the mill, in the past eighteen months, and it has received incredibly positive feedback since it was published in the paper so thank you very much to Kathy for taking it and letting us use it to publicise Dalton Mills.



Posted on 03/02/2015 by bellissimo