Drone Survey gives Fascinating Aerial View

A drone survey, partly funded by heritage organisation, Historic England, has given a fascinating view of all three mills on site, and should help us to identify the next issues to resolve on the roof.


As part of our efforts to restore the Water Tower and the central part of the Genappe Mill roof, we have secured a project development grant from Historic England. Due to the currently precarious state of the Water Tower, the only way to identify the work to be carried out was to use an unmanned aerial vehicle - or drone as they're more commonly known! The drone, hired and operated by Brooks Ecological so it didn't disturb our resident peregrines nesting in the chimney opposite, has produced some great footage of the mill from an angle that's not normally seen.


The footage can be seen here - drone footage - and it gives an excellent overview of the scale and potential of Dalton Mills, as well as hopefully helping us to make the historic Water Tower a sound strucure, and helping us to resolve any final issues with the Genappe Mill roof.


Posted on 17/11/2015 by Bellissimo